Welcome to the age of science-faction!  


The future [of work] is here.

The organisation as you know it is changing at the quantum level—Both splitting and flattening. Say ‘Hello [mirror] world!’, and hail the holacracy!

Thanks for landing at Saturnshot Spinouts, a place where we research and blog about all things data science, computer vision, autonomous vehicles, especially those that fly, and future of work (FoW) technologies.

Here we look at FoW tech, including AI, blockchain DAOs, spatial computing — digital twin and the mirror world — and how all this impacts the future of organisation design.

Saturnshot Spinouts is a place for spinning out radical ideas, contrarian thoughts, and peculiar predictions. A place for imagineering. A place chock full of unintended consequences.

Mostly, it serves as a landing pad for idea dumps and retired or “factitious” startup ideas — all of which are up for grabs, if anyone thinks they can make them take off! 🚀


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